The Beecham Stories

When Sir Thomas was rehearsing Massenet's opera Don Quichotte with Chaliapin as Don Quixotte, the voice of Dulcinea twice came in too late as the Don died. Beecham said to the soprano, 'Twice has Mr Chaliapin died in bed, with the most affecting reealism, and twice you have sung too late. Why?'
'It's not my fault, Sir Thomas,' replied the soprano in panic. 'It's - it's Mr Chaliapin. He dies too soon.'
'My dear,' said Beecham, 'no opera singer ever dies too soon!'

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Rowlf είπε...

Μεγάλος ανθρωπιστής ο σερ Τόμας

Ανώνυμος είπε...

Αυτή η σχέση αγάπης-μίσους με τους τραγουδιστές είναι εντελώς ακατανόητη, αλλά αν γνωρίσεις τραγουδιστές, αρχίζεις να καταλαβαίνεις ό,τι αναπτύσσεται από μόνη της. Η αιτία όμως συνεχίζει να διαφεύγει